Lynn Henry and Her Horses
Why Think Like a Pony?
Just What Can Be Achieved
Using a Child's Imagination to Inspire
Working Towards Their Saddle Badge
Retraining a Spooky and Unconfident Pony
Horsemanship is simple when you look through the eyes of a pony. Our 'Minis' learning about brushing on an under 5s day! Learning at a Think Like a Pony Centre is about achieving goals and having fun Working on the ground is great preparation for riding. Author Lynn Henry's beloved horse Charro Anything is achievable when you Think Like a Pony Lynn Henry inspiring the audience at the Holistic Horse Show Learning to balance on a pony is stress free when you trust your pony and your instructor. Think Like a Pony demonstrations are inspiring and thought provoking Even our Club minis love to learn about pony care! Building a ponies confidence on the ground helps to improve a child's level of safety and fun when riding. Our Club days include fun activities that help children to learn about important pony topics such as nutrition and feeding. When you can Think Like a Pony, all activities become enjoyable for both you and your pony. One of our Club rider days could help you to develop your balance and core stability. Students at Think Like a Pony Leeds working together. A confident Think Like a Pony pony is not even afraid of dragons! Children who can Think Like a Pony are more likely to achieve their goals as young riders Club members worldwide love to work towards their achievement badges! Understanding how to keep a pony healthy and well is an important part of becoming a young horse person. Lynn Henry's horse Aurora is a very special member of the team. Think Like a Pony ponies are usually the bravest of the bunch! Learning about ponies is fun when you are a Club member! A young rider learning to open gates from horseback at Think Like a Pony Scotland. Our horses and ponies are happy and willing partners.