A Special Addition to the Think Like a Pony Team!

May 10, 2014

At 2.15 am on Friday 2nd May 2014, a very special foal was born at Pony Grove, Think Like a Pony’s Surrey centre. The filly has been named ‘Lunar d’Argento’, which is Italian for ‘Silver Moon’. Take a look at the photograph and see if you can think why she has been named this. Lunar […] Read More

Improving a Pony’s Confidence in New Objects

May 9, 2014

When you introduce your pony to a new object you are helping him to understand and make sense of the world around him. A young foal is curious and will investigate new objects. They will approach and retreat to learn what is safe and what they can play with. The best way to introduce new […] Read More

Establishing Leadership in New Environments

Leaving the comfort of your yard can be very exciting for you and your horse or pony. Unfortunately they may deal with their excitement in a different way to you. An excited horse is often difficult to control. They are harder to direct or stop. They may look as if they are ignoring you. Their […] Read More

Does your pony trust your touch?

Whatever you want to achieve with your pony, it has to be fun for both of you. Fun can only be achieved when there is trust and respect in your relationship. Trust and respect can only be achieved when there is communication. Communication can only be achieved when there is understanding. When you have established […] Read More

Becoming a Think Like a Pony Instructor Has Changed my life!

Dear Readers, My name is Sophie and I am head of public relations at Think Like a Pony and a Think Like a Pony instructor. My main roles are raising awareness of the approach, supporting the development of our Children’s Riding centre in Leeds, the growing instructor team and our children’s Club and teaching as […] Read More