Think Like A Pony Workbooks

Think Like a Pony WorkbooksThe Think Like a Pony series helps you to see the world from a pony’s point of view. The books are a step-by-step guide to help you to understand how ponies think, why they act the way they do and what is important to them. With this understanding, your pony can become safe to be with, safe to handle, safe to ride and a willing friend and partner in anything you do together.

The Think Like a Pony foundation book and Workbooks are aimed at pony-mad children but are also used by adults and instructors. By working through fun, simple exercises with and without a pony, children and their parents will discover what makes ponies “tick”. Through reading the series, families can learn together and enjoy the fascinating journey of understanding pony behaviour. The Think Like a Pony journal compliments the workbooks and can be purchased through the Think Like a Pony Club. For more information about the club and the journal click here.

You can buy Think Like a Pony books from our store. The Think Like a Pony Foundation book is also available in Dutch and Spanish languages.

Think LIke a Pony books are distributed in USA through, in France, Greece Italy and Spain and in Australia through

If you are working through the Think Like a Pony Workbooks, free help and support is accessible by contacting Lynn.

For a preview of the Think Like a Pony Foundation book, click here.

For a preview of  Think Like a Pony In the Saddle Workbook 1, click here.

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A Special Addition to the Think Like a Pony Team!

At 2.15 am on Friday 2nd May 2014, a very special foal was born at Pony Grove, Think Like a Pony’s Surrey centre. The filly has been named ‘Lunar d’Argento’, which is Italian for ‘Silver Moon’. Take a look at the photograph and see if you can think why she has been named this. Lunar […] Read More