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Through the Think Like a Pony instructor training programme, you too could achieve the dream of running an approved Think Like a Pony centre!

Think Like a Pony centres are a unique equestrian business venture. They are education centres that empower people through interaction with horses. As well as teaching students to ride, our centres offer horsemanship experiences that help people to develop empathy, understanding and communication with and for another animal. In this way, Think Like a Pony empowers people of all ages and helps them to develop mentally, emotionally and physically. Through this approach, people develop the skills and perspective needed to excel as horse riders and handlers.

Whether your niche is teaching children or you wish to cater for all ages, by opening a Think Like a Pony centre, you can ensure that your equestrian business is not only financially successful but holds high standards of welfare and safety and has a positive impact on your local community.

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A Special Addition to the Think Like a Pony Team!

At 2.15 am on Friday 2nd May 2014, a very special foal was born at Pony Grove, Think Like a Pony’s Surrey centre. The filly has been named ‘Lunar d’Argento’, which is Italian for ‘Silver Moon’. Take a look at the photograph and see if you can think why she has been named this. Lunar […] Read More