Think Like a Pony Gift Vouchers

Think Like a Pony Vouchers make the perfect gift for a pony loving friend or loved one. They can be redeemed against any Think Like a Pony workshop, course, clinic or demonstration.

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Think Like a Pony - Foundation Book

This book explains the world from a pony’s point of view. It tells you how ponies think, why they act the way they do and what is important to them. It forms the basis for understanding how a pony can become safe to be with, safe to handle, safe to ride and a willing friend and partner in anything you do together. Read an excerpt from the Foundation Book

Price: £12.95

Think Like a Pony - In the Saddle - Workbook 1

Packed full of easy-to-follow tips and information, this unique book helps you to understand how it feels to be a ridden pony. With this understanding, communication with your pony becomes simple and any problems in the saddle are easy to solve. Read an excerpt from In the Saddle.

Price: £14.99

Think Like a Pony - In the Saddle - Workbook 2

This book is the 6th in the Think Like a Pony Workbook Series. The book is an essential for any young rider who has been working through the series and is looking to advance their riding and develop their relationship with their horse or pony.

Price: £14.99

Think Like a Pony - On the Ground - Workbook 1

This book shows you have to develop the skills necessary to be safe whilst handling a pony with many fun exercise to do both with and without your pony. By developing a language and skills on the ground, a pony will see you as a leader who he can respect, trust and feels safe with.

Price: £12.95

Think Like a Pony - On the Ground - Workbook 2

This book develops your language and skills further so that you can communicate with your pony and ask your pony to do simple manouvres. Building on the skills from Book 1, you will learn to watch a pony's body language, to understand his feelings and listen to what he is saying. This way you can build a relationship with your pony.

Price: £12.95

Think Like a Pony - On the Ground - Workbook 3

This book will show you how to use your leadership skills to ask your pony to carry out simple tasks safely, improve your pony's confidence, solve problems and prepare your pony for riding.

Price: £12.95

Think Like a Pony - The Collection

Buy all six Think Like a Pony books and save over £10.00. You will receive:

  • Foundation Book
  • In the Saddle - Workbook 1
  • In the Saddle - Workbook 2
  • On the Ground - Workbook 1
  • On the Ground - Workbook 2
  • On the Ground - Workbook 3

Price: £70.00

Club Sash and Badges

This sash is available for Think Like a Pony Club members to purchase. The sash helps members to build a record of their achievements as they work through Club worksheets, video lessons and attend club events. There are 29 badges in total that cover a range of topics such as riding, pony care and handling. When a sash is ordered, the Club member will be sent the sash and then can send off for badges individually as they earn them. This price covers the cost of the sash, all of the badges and postage. If you or your child is not already a Club member visit to join the Club.

Price: £30.00

The Idolo Tether Tie

A safe and kind way to tie your pony. Easy to use. Just thread your lead rope through it and clip to a tie ring. Comes in lots of fabulous colours. Use it wherever you tie your pony - in the stable, in the yard, in the lorry. No more nasty baler twine! These ties are used by Think Like a Pony instructors nationwide!

Price: £11.95 plys £2.00 P&P

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