Posted 42 months ago

Riding In Harmony

When you see a horse and rider moving together in harmony, it is a beautiful sight. When harmony is achieved, everything seems to flow and riding looks easy and effective.



But how is this achieved? The key is to allow the horse to move you. Following the movement of the horse and moving in time with him is the key to riding in harmony.


Learning to follow the horse or pony’s own movement and allowing this to move the rider in the saddle is something that requires the rider to be aware of, and responsible for, his or her own weight and balance.


Instructions such as, ‘sit up straight like a tin soldier’, ‘stick out your chest’ and ‘arch your back’, cause a rider to become stiff, rigid and unable to follow the horse or pony’s movement.


Riders can become aware of their balance and weight with simple ‘off the horse’ exercises.