Biscuit's Story

When I first arrived at Think Like a Pony I was wild and woolly. Woolly in my winter coat and wild in my approach to life. I was pushy and demanding. I wouldn’t eat my hard feed from a bucket without kicking it over. I trashed the water bucket every time it was filled and I tried to barge my way in and out of gates.

I didn’t want to do anything unless it was on my terms. When Lynn started my training I realised that I had met my match. I came to understand that I was uncoordinated and rushed everywhere. I was strong, but not athletic.

I soon learned to move slowly and in rhythm. This helped me to become more flexible. I began to feel better in myself and started to enjoy my journey to become a ridden pony.

I know that I have a long way to go, but I am already a big part of the youth development programme. I have wonderful students, I feel respected and loved. Soon I will be in the riding school and I know that I have a forever home here at Think Like a Pony.