Conker's Story

When I arrived at Think Like a Pony I was only 6 years old. Already my life had been full of fear and panic.

After being herded up and taken from my family, I was hot branded. This was a terrifying and painful experience. Very soon after I started my journey to become a ridden pony. I was very afraid because I didn’t understand what was being asked of me.

Things were changing very quickly and I was confused and unsure. My new family were kind but I could not understand them. I think they did not understand me either.

Then I came to Think Like a Pony, things were different here calmer, slower and easier to make sense of. My confidence grew, which made me braver and happier in my life as a ridden pony. I am now a very experienced and enjoy helping nervous riders find their confidence, just like I found mine.

I am very sensitive and the scar from my hot brand means that sometimes my back legs can feel sore. I am so lucky to be here at Think Like a Pony because my riders and the staff understand me. They give me special plant medicines and therapies which help me to feel better. Lynn says that I am the most expensive pony to look after but that I am worth it!