Toffee's Story

Coming to Think Like a Pony was a big step in my life. My previous owners did love me and care for me but I needed to learn how to be respectful and easier to handle and ride.

It was time for me to start my training!

I came to Think Like a Pony with my laid-back nature which makes me so lovable! However, I didn’t realise that I had become a bit of a bully, throwing my weight around and demanding my own way!

Lynn said it was because of my lovable character that I got away with pushing people and horses around!

If I wanted something, I just went and took it. It didn’t occur to me that this was not acceptable behaviour.

Here at Think Like a Pony I soon learned that my behaviour was not going to win me friends and help me to influence people! Lynn is kind but firm. From the moment I met her she made it clear that she was not intimidated by me. She set clear rules and boundaries and for the first time I understood what was acceptable behaviour.

Next I was introduced to Minnie the pony. Like her name she is small. In fact, she is the tiniest member of the Think Like a Pony herd!

Minnie and I spent the first week together. Just like Lynn she set clear rules and boundaries. There was no way this little pony would let me push her around or steal her food!

After several months I am now a respected and trusted member of the herd.

This is because I know what is acceptable behaviour and this has helped me to make friends, not only with the herd but also with the children here at Think Like a Pony.

I only have a few students because I am still growing and learning but I feel calm, happy and loved.

Thank you for taking the time to sponsor me, it means so much to me and the rest of the team.