Minnie's Story

I arrived at Think Like a Pony because both my owners and myself were in desperate need of Lynn’s help! They had dreams that I could be a show pony for their young 5 year old daughter, but quickly realised we were all in deep trouble. I was the first pony this family had bought and they had bought me, my saddle and bridle following the advice of someone whom they thought they could trust.

I was tense, explosive, spooky and would throw in bucks, run away or refuse to go forward.

Yes I had all the moves!!!

Because my new owners wanted to help me, they asked for some urgent Think Like a Pony support.

Well, that first meeting was an eye opener! They were shocked when they realised I could not back up, lower my head, yield any hindquarters or even lead correctly.

My back was sore and my hamstrings were very tight.

Lynn explained to my lovely owners that one of the causes of my pain was my very badly fitting saddle. My owners were sad and felt they had let me down. I could easily forgive them because they simply were inexperienced. They had always been kind to me and were trying to find a way to help me. Lynn went on to explain that she could see I had a very sweet nature that someone had taken advantage of.

Well I had not heard that before! I cannot repeat what I have been called in the past! My new owners had paid all that money for me because of the promise I would make a wonderful show pony.

The only thing I was showing them was that I was a very uncomfortable pony and I had lost trust in people.

My little rider refused to come anywhere near me, afraid I might catapult her through the air!

Well, look at me now!

I am completely rehabilitated and enjoying my work. My owners have now given me to Think Like a Pony and I am enjoying my life here.

One of the best things about Think Like a Pony is that they want the best for me too.

I am no longer afraid to put on my saddle and bridle. My teeth, feet and back are in top condition.

I have lovely students who enjoy their time with me. I enjoy my time with them too and the pony friends I have to hang out with. Watch this space… I may become a show pony yet! I definitely have the looks for it!