Sponsor a Pony

Most of the ponies at the centre have been gifted to Think Like a Pony because they had training and health issues. We take our time, sometimes over a year, helping them to become psychologically and physically well. We have now helped 10 ponies who did not have a purpose to become confident, safe, obedient and thoroughly happy and healthy children's ponies. In fact, people often comment that these are the calmest, most obedient and healthiest ponies they have ever seen. 

All the ponies are highly trained so that they are calm and confident enough to work with even the most vulnerable children. This is because safety is paramount to us and so is the importance of every session being a positive experience to both the child and the pony.

These factors all contribute to our very high costs in maintaining the welfare and training of our ponies. 

By sponsoring one of our pony’s at Think Like a Pony, you are helping both the pony themself and all the young people who that pony comes into contact with.
The cost of sponsorship is just £25 a year.
You will receive a sponsor pack, which includes a:
  • certificate of sponsorship
  • Think Like a Pony wristband
  • framed photograph of your chosen pony
  • copy of your pony's story

You will also receive quarterly updates about his or her life at Think Like a Pony, which includes recent photographs.

By sponsoring a pony, you will be contributing to helping to keep them healthy and happy. All of our ponies at Think Like a Pony are very sensitive and require a lot of care and attention to keep them well.

Your sponsorship will help to pay for herbal medicines, McTimmoney Chiropractic Treatments, foot trimming, dentistry and many other expensive treatments and supplements that they need.

To find out more about our ponies, read their stories...