Why Sponsor a Pony

The ponies at the centre have all been donated to Think Like a Pony

We take our time - sometimes even years, to help our ponies to rebuild respect and trust of people and overcome their fears. We have helped 12 ponies who did not have a purpose to become confident, safe, obedient and healthy children’s’ ponies.

In fact, people often comment that these are the calmest and happiest ponies they have ever seen!

You will receive a sponsor pack, which includes:

  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • Think Like a Pony wristband and key-ring
  • Framed photograph of your chosen pony
  • Copy of your pony’s story

Our ponies are not just riding school ponies, they are therapy ponies!


All the ponies are highly trained so that they are calm and confident enough to work with even the most vulnerable children. Through our Youth Development Programme, they help young people who are in foster care, have difficulties at school or who have other complex needs to develop confidence, self-awareness and the ability to regulate their emotions and behavior.

The ponies are helping so many children overcome their own anxieties,fears, anger or frustration.

The children connect to the ponies because they can relate to their stories.

Help to keep a pony happy and healthy so that they can help young people to thrive!

Keeping a pony physically, mentally and emotionally well is expensive!

Rehabilitating ponies and training them to a high enough level to work in both the riding school and as a therapy pony can take up to two years!

This is an expensive task


The costs include:

  • Feed and herbal medicines
  • Saddles, bridles and other equipment
  • Regular foot trimming
  • Regular chiropractor treatments  
  • Dentistry
  • Rugs
  • Clipping
  • Paddock maintenance
  • Worming
  • Vaccinations
  • Physical therapy treatments
  • Health care products such as anti-bacterial sprays

Our ponies healthcare alone costs £1200 per year PER PONY!

This does not include the unquantifiable amount of time our team puts into training and exercising the ponies!