Lynn Henry

Lynn Henry, the founder of Think Like a Pony, is an inspirational and highly-skilled horse trainer and educationalist. Since writing the Think Like a Pony series of workbooks, Lynn has dedicated her life to developing a children's riding centre in Leeds, the Think Like a Pony Youth Development Programme and the Think Like a Pony Club.

Although renowned for her ability to engage with children, Lynn is also a well-respected horse behaviourist and trainer of adults to a professional level. In both training horses and teaching people, Lynn focuses on the power of good communication, building respectful relationships and finding the joy in developing a common language with the horse.


Lynn started her journey in education as a biology teacher, inspiring secondary school children in a deprived area of Leeds to engage with the subject and switch back on to learning. Although Lynn had always been seen as a natural with animals, it was not until she was 35 and her children became interested in ponies that a new journey in her life began.

Coming into horses from a fresh perspective, Lynn excelled and quickly developed an intuitive way of handling and riding horses. What is unique about Lynn as a horsewoman is her skilled teaching ability which enables her to pass on her advanced skill set to her students.


Lynn utilises this skill set to evoke the learner’s natural ability to communicate with horses. Through developing an affinity with animals in this way, students of Lynn are frequently astounded by the positive life changes that occur.