Our Ethos

Think Like a Pony is a unique approach to horsemanship that inspires, educates and empowers children. Our mission is to support young people by offering experiences that facilitate positive youth development as well as helping them to achieve horsemanship goals. We pledge to provide a safe learning environment so that a young person can thrive physically, mentally and emotionally and work towards success as a rider.

By developing the leadership skills necessary to interact with a pony or horse, the young person is continually exposed to positive experiences and feedback. This provides an opportunity to develop and refine key life skills.

Key Life Skills

To develop a relationship with a horse a young person needs to understand:

  • The horse’s innate needs.
  • How horses communicate with each other.
  • What the horse’s priorities are.
  • The difference between being assertive and being aggressive.
  • The difference between discipline and punishment.
  • How to be calm and have a plan.

Through these considerations, young people learn the value and need for clear rules and boundaries as well as the need for consistency, clarity, predictability and congruency.

Through understanding these factors, the young person develops confidence, empathy and important life practices which include:

  • Respect for self.
  • Respect for others.
  • Responsibility for everything they do.