Horsemanship for Children

Our riding school is a safe space for all children to learn to communicate with horses, ride in balance and improve mental and emotional well-being.

Our method of teaching children to ride inspires empathy, understanding and communication with and for the horse. This enables young people develop the skills and perspective needed to excel as horse riders and handlers at the same time as ensuring high levels of horse welfare.

Our educational approach and significant investment in the training of our ponies, means that we have incredibly high safety standards.

Children learn all aspects of horsemanship and horse care including:

  • Learning to empathetically and effectively communicate with a horse on the ground
  • Developing the co-ordination, confidence and balance needed to be an effective and empathetic rider
  • Understanding horse care from the pony's perspective, understanding what a pony needs and how to keep them well
Alongside private or semi-private lessons, we offer a range of horsemanship and pony day activities through the summer holidays.


To ensure high standards of education and safety, we insist that every child learning to ride does so through 1-to-1 tuition with a qualified Think Like a Pony instructor. Only when children have developed confidence, independence and balance in the saddle will they progress into a semi-private lesson (three children maximum.) This is paramount to our ethos of educating children in the craft of riding, teaching them how to independently and accurately steer and maneuvre a pony with clear communication and light aids.

All our instructors partake in ongoing training with leader in the field of teaching children to ride and animal behaviourist, Lynn Henry. Our instructors are DBS checked, partake in safe-guarding and first aid training.

The ponies at Think Like a Pony have been donated to the organisation due to their behavioural or health problems. Through successful well-being and training programmes, we rehabilitate and retrain these ponies to become safe, calm and confident children's ponies. The students at the centre play a key role in the ponies’ training. This is inspiring for young people who see that their input really can make a difference.

The programme is supported by a wealth of educational material. This includes the Think Like a Pony series of workbooks, written by Lynn Henry, and the Think Like a Pony Club. Our unique educational resources support and excel children’s learning.