Train as an Instructor

If your dream is to become a horsemanship professional who uses their wealth of knowledge and experience to enrich the lives of others, Think Like a Pony's instructor programme is for you.

The programme is a life-changing course that is tailored to suit those who wish to make a difference to the lives of people and horses. No matter what experience you already have, by training with Think Like a Pony, you can develop your horsemanship skills to a professional level.



Whether your niche becomes:

  • pony or horse training;
  • teaching children to ride;
  • empowering vulnerable children through the youth development programme;
  • teaching adults a foundation level of training; or
  • setting up your own centre,

through Think Like a Pony's philosophy of ‘education through inspiration’, your dreams could become a reality.



The programme will offer you a unique opportunity to develop your skill set. Upon qualification, you will become part of a team of instructors who will support you as you make your first step forwards as a Think Like a Pony Instructor. Additionally, you will gain access to a wealth of educational resources that you can use to run Think Like a Pony days, workshops, interactive talks or even set up your own centre.