Train Your Own Pony

Think Like a Pony is the perfect approach to training a horse or pony

Do you wish you could improve…

  • Leading?
  • Turning?
  • Stopping?
  • Willingness to go forward?
  • Safety whilst leading?
  • Willingness to stand still?
  • Jumping?
  • Schooling?
  • Confidence hacking? 

Do you suffer from problems with…

  • Bucking?
  • Rearing?
  • Spinning?
  • Bolting?
  • Barging?
  • Napping?
  • Loading?
  • Biting?
  • Kicking?
Whether you are lost and confused with challenging behaviour or you simply would like to help your child to build a better relationship with their pony, we can help you.

We are committed to helping owners to develop their own training plans with their horse or pony. By helping owners to better understand their pony’s behaviour, we empower owners to help their ponies become more confident, better behaved and more willing partners.

By booking a session, you can start on a very special journey with your horse or pony that could transform your life and your child's life.

We also take ponies in for ‘natural pony training’ to help to excel their training. In these cases, the owner is involved at every stage and the upmost care is taken to ensure that owners are empowered to continue the horse or pony’s training at home.