Youth Development Programme

Through our Youth Development Programme, we help children who are suffering from a range of disadvantages. Without support these children often fall into negative patterns and face significant problems throughout life. Our intervention empowers children to create positive lifelong changes for themselves. We do this by empowering children to develop social and communication skills as they learn how to handle, care for and ride a pony empathetically, respectfully and safely.

Children are motivated to develop the critical skills needed to thrive in life. They learn to be mindful and to take control of themselves on a mental, emotional and physical level.

We are more similar to the horse than you might imagine. By learning how horses communicate and form relationships, children reflect and improve on their own communication and relationship skills.

In essence, these are social and communication skills that can be transferred to any area of life.

Children can be referred to the Youth Development Programme by their own families, social services, school or other key workers who support the young person. 

Funders including the Big Lottery Fund, Comic Relief, the School For Social Entrepreneurs and Sport England as well as local councils have helped to fund this successful programme. We have successfully made an impact on the lives of a wide range of children. This includes children who are in foster care, children who are repeatedly excluded from school, young offenders, children with special educational needs and those with social and emotional difficulties.

Involvement in the Youth Development Programme can be a life-changing experience for the children involved.