Think Like a Pony

Think Like a Pony is a unique approach to teaching children how to ride, handle and care for horses. We educate and empower both mainstream and disadvantaged children through teaching them how to build a relationship with and train a horse and how to ride empathetically.

This has a far-reaching effect on a childā€™s life as they experience a safe and nurturing environment where they can achieve their horsemanship goals and learn about themselves. Children have the opportunity to practise key communication and social skills through learning to be a calm, confident and respectful leader to their chosen pony.

Children may begin lessons through a simple desire to learn how to ride and communicate with ponies, or in some cases, children may be referred due to specific mental and emotional needs they may have.

A Life-Changing Approach

"We are more similar to the horse than you might imagine. By learning how horses communicate and form relationships, children improve on their own communication and relationship skills."