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You Don't Need to Know Horses to Use Empowered Parenting

One of the most common misconceptions about our Empowered Parenting programme here at Think Like a Pony, is that you have to have experience with riding horses or even have an affinity with horses in order to participate or benefit from our sessions. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have never spent any time around horses, we understand that our sessions could feel like stepping into the unknown. Let’s change that. Let’s dive in to the concepts that make our sessions so beneficial and discover the core principles behind our Empowered Parenting programme, the role our horses play, and why you don’t need to be a horsey person to reap the benefits.

Think Like a Pony

Signs Your Child is Serious About Horsemanship

How can you tell if horsemanship is a lifelong passion or a phase before you end up with a stallion shaped hole in your bank account? Well, here at Think Like a Pony, we know the signs that your child is serious about horsemanship because we were once horse mad kids at one point too.

Think Like a Pony

Four Benefits of Joining the Think Like a Pony Club

Riding horses is an incredibly rewarding hobby for children, one that comes with a whole host of benefits from improved hand-eye coordination to instilling mindful habits from a young age, but it isn’t the cheapest hobby to embrace. So what if we told you, your children could join an online club that allows them to embrace their love of horsemanship around the clock without your budget going through the roof? Introducing the Think Like a Pony Club and a few of the key benefits of joining it.