Our Leeds centre is the headquarters for Think Like a Pony and is based in the home of Lynn Henry, founder of the approach. At the centre, Lynn and her team of instructors successfully run:

  • A child-centric riding school - where children from the local community can learn horsemanship skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Children learn to ride through 1-to-1 lessons and only join a small group of 2 or 3 when they are balanced, confident and independent. Because of the high level to which the ponies are trained and the teaching methodology fostered by the staff, the centre has incredibly high levels of student safety and horse welfare.

  • The Youth Development Programme - the centre runs a hugely successful programme for vulnerable children. This programme helps children to develop confidence, motivation to engage in education and other essential life skills and attributes. The programme has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund, Comic Relief, Sport England and the Leeds Community Foundation as well as local schools and councils.

  • A rehabilitation programme for troubled ponies - All the ponies at Think Like a Pony Leeds have been gifted, largely due to behavioural and health problems. Through successful training programmes, the ponies have developed their talents in inspiring children and developing children's confidence. Staff foster a holistic approach to caring for and training the ponies and ensure a significant amount of staff time and resources are invested in maintaining exceptionally high standards of welfare.
  • An instructor training programme - a life-changing course for individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of people and horses. This course is run by inspirational leader Lynn Henry and has taken enrolment from as far afield as New Zealand.
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