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How Think Like a Pony Has Helped Haribo

At Think Like a Pony, we don't just help children and families in need of assistance, all the ponies we take on have past struggles too. We use our core principles to build back the trust needed for them to work with troubled children and families, and we not only do this at our flagship centre in Leeds, but through a network of instructors who have trained with us. Sophie Hildreth is a Director of Think Like a Pony and one of our longest serving instructors. Today, we get to learn about Sophie’s experience as a Think Like a Pony instructor and her personal journey training the internet's new favourite pony, Haribo.

Think Like a Pony

Three Elements of the Online Club

Here at Think Like a Pony, we are a holistic riding school, which means we offer a different approach to horsemanship. In this blog post, we will delve into the different learning techniques we cover when you join our online riding Club. If you are thinking about subscribing to our pony Club membership, read on to discover exactly what to expect.

Think Like a Pony

The Science of Pony Care

During your horsemanship journey with us, you’ll not only learn all of the basics about holistic pony care but thanks to our online Club, you can delve into the science behind it. Ponies, like humans, are complex beings and together with us, you can learn what makes then tick, allowing you to understand them fully which will in turn empower you in your own horsemanship choices.